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Buyers & Sellers of "Experienced" Oilfield Production & Process Equipment

Gas Compression
New Surplus ~ Used ~ Recondtioned

Wellsite offers a wide range of new surplus, used and reconditioned gas compressor packages and configurations.  


Whether you require wellhead, booster, injection, transmission or process compression; Wellsite can provide quality equipment to meet your needs while greatly reducing the cost over purchasing "new" compressor systems.


Gas Compressor 
399 Propane Unit Guthrie Facility.jpg

Wellsite offers compressor services to assist the producer with refurbishing, re-configuring and re-packaging of used compression equipment.   Wellsite can assist in converting assets currently owned by the producer, allowing for better use of assets. 


From design through fabrication and on to final testing Wellsite provides the compression services you need to keep your compressor fleet operating and your assets fully utilized.

Natural Gas Processing Plants
colo plant 2.jpg

Wellsite can provide your firm a variety of new surplus, used and refurbished natural gas processing plants.


Considering "experienced" gas plants allows for lower intial cost of equipment, quicker deliveries and faster return on investments.


It makes sense in times of lean product values to consider buying "experienced" process systems from Wellsite.

Wellsite Compressor & Equipment Co., LLC

Offices - 3600 Bent Cedar Trail - Edmond, Oklahoma, USA 73034-2049 - Shop Facility - 8248 South Sooner Road - Guthrie, Oklahoma, USA

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