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We Buy Surplus Oilfield Equipment


Wellsite Compressor & Equipment is a purchaser of new, surplus and used oilfield production plants and equipment items.


Items considered for purchase include;


  • Gas Compression Units - Electric and Engine Drive

  • Process Vessels - Separators, Towers, etc.

  • Heat Exchangers

  • Process Plants - Refrig, Cryo, Turbo Expander, Amine, Dehydration, Dew Point, Nitrogen Rejection

  • Product Storage Vessels - Horizontal Bullet Tanks

  • Emission Equipment - VRU, Vapor Towers, Flares, Combustors

  • Pumps - Water, Glycol, Amine, etc.

  • Pumping Units

  • Engines - Natural Gas

  • Generator - Diesel and Natural Gas


We would love to have an opportunity to evaluate your firm's used and surplus equipment for purchase consideration.    Please contact a Wellsite representative today with your firm's list of idle equipment items.

Wellsite Compressor & Equipment Co., LLC - 3600 Bent Cedar Trail - Edmond, Oklahoma, USA 73034 - Office 800-398-7123 / 405-282-8590

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